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FROC® Information Cleaning at Home

Live Today and Leave the House chores to Us
FROC is much more than a housekeeping service. We are a firm committed to giving our clients the time they deserve to spend doing the things they like.


We put The Extra in Your Ordinary by taking care of your house, restoring harmony to your life. Life passes in the blink of an eye, thus it's critical to pause and appreciate it. You may do this with Merry Maids®.

Our house cleaning services include cleaning every inch of your home. We can revitalize your bathroom, revitalize your kitchen, and restore your bedroom to give you the beautiful and clean house you deserve.


Our Better Practices:

FROC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LLC is committed to having the best cleaning practices, being friendly to the environment and using the best processes in the use of products and equipment for the health safety of the properties in which we clean.


In addition, being a company that divides services into sectors, our logistics and response capacity is optimal.


FROC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LLC is committed to the best salary practices in the professional cleaning industry, contributing to society and the personal growth of each of our operators.



About Protection and Security:

Our quality control both with the service offered and with our operators are very strict. Our priority is safety and health protection, both for our clients and for our operators.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Professional Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Get More Quality time and Rest

What is the cost of cleaning properties?

The rates for the cleaning service of properties (homes or businesses), depend on several factors such as:



  •  Cleaning area

  •  Cleaning type

  •  Condition of property to be cleaned


In the cleaning industry, average hourly prices are $120 to $220 for two hours of cleaning.

Contact us to get a free quote for your requirement.

Cleaning Supplies
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