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FROC'S Deep Cleaning Services

If you need a deep clean, here's what's included:


Deep cleaning services mean doing work in the tightest places in your home, removing hidden dirt in the four main areas we service, such as: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room (including stairs and hallways).

We also include an additional list of services in our deep cleaning

  •   Disinfect garbage containers

  •   Cleaning of terraces and porches

  •   Defrosting and cleaning inside and outside the refrigerator

  •   Dishwasher

  •   Vent covers

  •   Tiles

  •   Descaling of faucets

  •   Oven cleaning

Unlock the power of DEEP CLEANING with:
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

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Our comprehensive cleaning services
let you relax, unwind, and spend time
doing the things you love.

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